Withdean Ride Goes Live

Withdean Ride Goes Live

This November at Withdean Sports Complex marks the release of Withdean Ride. 
With Cycling increasing its followers more and more across the South it was about time Withdean stepped up to the plate with its complete range of signature Lifes Fitness bikes and push them to its limit. 

Our Indoor Cycling studio has had an upgrade! With new state of the art IC7 bikes, more advanced software and even more classes, we now have something for everyone from complete beginners through to advanced cyclists.


ICG Coach by Colour class:

A largely music based class using power zones to accurately control the intensity of all participants. The colour zones form the communication element that’s unique to this class. The faster someone pedals or the more resistance they are against changes the colour represented on their bike console.


ICG Connect class:

An experience ride for people who enjoy being motivated by challenges and competition. The trainer will guide riders on a shorter format HIIT style class using the main projector screen to display individual riders data or group and team data


New MyRide classes:

Now with even more routes from across the globe, our instructors are now able to put together thousands of combinations for your ride meaning that you'll never do the same class twice.


New virtual classes:

Our Coach and World Tour virtual classes have also had an upgrade with new routes, new coached rides and new music. What's more, you are now able to design your own virtual route with our new wall mounted tablet (just on the right as you enter the studio).


FTP (Functional Threshold Power) training:


Fancy a real challenge that will push your body to the absolute max? We'll be hosting FTP challenges throughout the year roughly every quarter. With the results from your FTP test you'll be able to better set up your bike in our Coach by Colour and Connect classes.

You'll be able to hear about these first by following us on our Facebook page.



Along with all of these new classes and upgraded software we've also put the time in to further develop all our indoor cycling instructors with new skills and an advanced understanding of what our upgrades can really do. If you have any questions about anything please speak to one of our friendly instructors who will be happy to help.

For further information head over to https://www.facebook.com/WithdeanRide/