Championing Tennis at Withdean

Championing Tennis at Withdean


Tennis at Withdean

Emma Raducanu has captured the countries hearts and inspired thousands of children and adults alike to pick up a tennis racquet and head to the courts. The problem with Emma winning the US Open rather than Wimbledon (which we are sure she will sort out next year) is that the timing isn’t great for pleasant tennis weather.

Fortunately at Withdean we boast several indoor tennis courts so regardless of the weather outside we can offer a dry place to practise your back hand, and maintain your game over the coming winter months.

As a celebration of Emma’s victory, and to make that picking up of the racquet even easier the team at Withdean are offering free trial lessons, so you can explore whether it’s the sport for you.

Give us a call, or pop in if you are up enjoying the free classes and facilities on national fitness day.