News From Freedom Fitness Warwick

News From Freedom Fitness Warwick

With the longer days now upon us and the summer heat getting ever closer, here at Freedom Leisure we wanted to keep you up to date with news and views from around the centre.

Drowning Prevention Week 14th - 24th June

As part of drowning prevention week we are planning as part of our lessons for that week to do a slot on water safety.

The things we will be covering are:

  • How to be safe around water.
  • Spotting the dangers around water.
  • How to get help if you see someone in danger.
If you are interested in swimming lessons for yourself or a family member click the link below to find out more.

Click here to read Drowning Prevention Week 14th - 24th June.

NEW Team Members

Samantha F - Membership Advisor - Sam has an extensive Dance and Hospitality background. She has worked in a range of roles from bar/hotel management to running her own casting agency. From her dancing experience Sam knows the importance of heath and fitness.
Ian G - Duty Manager - Ian has come from a long retail background. He has a strong love for the fitness industry training himself regularly and studied sports & fitness at college.

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Remedial work happening to our Electrics</span>


Pub in the Park Warwick

We are extremely excited to be attending pub in the park Warwick at St Nicholas Park on 5-7th July 2019, why not come along and say hello? Click the link for more info.

Click here to read Pub in the Park Warwick.

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Squash Coaching now available</span>

A bit about me:


I am passionate about making a difference to all players and as an ex semi-professional player, I understand what it required to take your game to the next level.


Current Experience


I have years of experience in coaching all abilities and age groups, including World-class junior players.


I coach my own children who are both National Champions and currently representing England in their respective age groups. AbdAllah is the current British Junior Open Boys’ Under 13 Champion and Mariam is the current English and British Girls’ Under 11 Champion.


Mobile: 07517267718