Find out what's happening across FL Swansea $!{Contact.FirstName}

Find out what's happening across FL Swansea $!{Contact.FirstName}

$!{Contact.FirstName}, once a week we are going to send you an email to keep you in the 'know' about what is happening across our Swansea contract.

We have swimming stars amongst us

Last weekend saw Swimathon 2022 come to Swansea, whilst it was disappointing that not many of our members signed up to take part our wonderful colleagues came out in droves.
Well done to everyone who took part, setting the pace was Steve Davies who completed his 5k in 1hour 24 minutes closely followed by Laura Preece (1hour 27mins) and Dylan Lewis (1hour 37mins.) Also Amelia put in a massive shift on Saturday and swam 10k!
Lane swimming is included in your staff membership for just £5 a month - why not get started in the pool now ready for next year?

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#IveBeenThere<br />

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year, the focus is on tackling loneliness.
Loneliness may be easily spotted, but sometimes it can be the loudest and bubbliest people we know who are secretly suffering…
Keep this thought in your head this week, and let’s assume everyone needs that small act of kindness.
We can all help combat loneliness with just the tiniest changes and see how that changes your own mental health!

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Outstanding payments

Leisure Hub can do so much more than just booking sessions online and taking out memberships.
Our members can also pay off any outstanding payments on their account from the comfort of their own home and without speaking to one of the team.
Make sure your familiarise yourself with Leisure Hub so you can help our customers even more.

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Every little helps <br />

We are all seeing our domestic energy bills going up right now and this is no different for our centres. 
Penlan and the LC have seen 139% increases in gas bills so we need to do everything we can to stop waste. 
What does this mean for you? Keep doors closed internally, this will help control temps across the centre.  If you spot something that is wrong report it and try and get it fixed! 

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