Find out what's happening across FL Swansea $!{Contact.FirstName}

Find out what's happening across FL Swansea $!{Contact.FirstName}

$!{Contact.FirstName}, once a week we are going to send you an email to keep you in the 'know' about what is happening across our Swansea contract.

Data capture is key

Every time we add someone on to XN we must 'tick the box' to say that they consent to marketing, if we don't do this then we will not be able to send any messages to them.

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Summer holidays are fast approaching, make sure you keep up to date with everything that is going on across all of our centres and not just your own so you can help customers even more.

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Bouncy Castle parties<br />

All of our Swansea centres now offer Bouncy Castle parties with the LC launching their new inflatables from the 23rd July.
If you have an enquiry about a bouncy castle party and your centre doesn't have availability, why not suggest one of our other centres instead?

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Active workforce week<br />

Next week is active workforce week where we offer 7 day passes to local businesses and groups, to drive leads and also to get the local workforce more active and healthier.
Do you have any contacts you could pass this on to?

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